High Speed Internet in Rural Alberta

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“As the largest fixed wireless provider in Alberta, MCSNet is able to provide high speed Internet access to rural Albertans that is competitive with the speed and reliability previously only available in town.”

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(Updated: June 23, 2014)

5 Reasons To Get High Speed Internet Today

Videos play faster

Videos Play Instantly

Do you enjoy watching movies, television shows and other video content online? Are you tired of watching your videos stutter and pause continuously before being able to continue streaming? If so, you need high speed Internet access.

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Email Is Quicker

When it comes to high speed Internet access, many people assume that they only need the higher speeds for higher end use like HD video streaming and online gaming. Do you check your e-mail regularly? You can benefit from a faster Internet connection too.

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Get Emails Quicker
Game like a Pro

Gaming Is Faster

Playing video games at home isn't what it used to be. It used to be the case that you'd buy a game, load it up and play by yourself. These days, the gaming community is very different, thanks largely to the rapid adoption of the Internet...

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Downloads Are Finished Faster

It used to be that most of the content on the Internet was text-based, so a relatively slow dial-up Internet connection was perfectly adequate. This is no longer the case. Digital delivery of all sorts of multimedia content has largely become the norm...

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Download stuff faster
More enjoyable web surfing

Web Surfing Overall Is Just Better

Back in the early days of the Internet, webpages were kept as simple and as lightweight as possible. You'd get a page that was mostly text and image files would very small and low resolution. Of course, a lot has changed since then...

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High Speed Internet in Rural Alberta

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